SINEQUANON is a project about the urban space of the city of L’Aquila (Italy), eight years after the 2009 earthquake that shattered the Abruzzo region.

The project was born from the urgency that I felt to interpret the reconstruction phase of the city and by avoiding having a mere representation of the tragedy through its ruins. I decided instead to decontextualise the everyday objects that I found on the building-sites before repainting them in white and photographing them in front of a neutral backdrop, thus placing the focus on them. I created for these objects a “state zero of existence”, an alternative and essential reality, where white is the conditio sine qua non for asking questions about what has happened and about what surrounds us.

On the one hand, the use of white visually performs a therapeutic operation of dilation, slowing down and relaxation; on the other hand, its indefiniteness compels us to raise questions, to complete what is perceived as unfinished. 

Through that process, objects are transformed from being just residues into actual elements that allow us to reconstruct through them something that no longer exists and that changes while its symbolic value continues to influence us. Things are not just things but they are symbols, signs, parts of submerged worlds that re-emerge thanks to the interpretation of the observer.