Serena Vittorini is a visual artist based in Belgium. After obtaining a degree in psychology, she turned to the visual arts. She earned a degree in photography with honors from ISFCI (Istituto di Fotografia de Rome) and a master in advanced photography from IED (Istituto Europeo di Design de Milan).

Initially, her work focused on analyzing the relationship between human presence, individual and collective memory, and the representation of urban spaces. However, over the years, her interest shifted towards the connection between identity and memory, blurring the boundaries between the intimate and the public, reality and fiction. This transition occurred naturally as she matured as an artist and was influenced by her own life experiences.

After initially looking outward and at the human in relation to the context, Serena turned to a more intimate and personal approach, examining her own story and using it as a symbol of a more universal relational dynamic. This evolution led her to explore themes of identity, childhood, and family relationships, using her own experience as a starting point to address broader questions about human nature and the ties that bind us.

Her current research practice integrates photography, installation, audio, and video to allow for interpretation at multiple levels. In 2020, she directed her first short film “En ce moment,” which was selected for the Giornate degli Autori at the Venice Film Festival.



Master in Advanced Photography at IED – Milan, Italy 2017

Diploma in Photography at ISFCI – Rome, Italy 2013 – 2016

Bachelor Degree in Psychological Sciences and Techniques at G. d’Annunzio University – Chieti Pescara, Italy 2009 – 2012



2023 “SINEQUANON” – Installation, Centrale for Contemporary Art (To come) – Brussels, Belgium

2023 “I Built A Wall” – MAAC – Brussels, Belgium

2022 “En ce moment” Short Film, BBC Longshots Festival – New York City, USA

2022 “I Built A Wall” – Installation, Italian Cultural Institute – Mexico City, Mexico

2022 “En ce moment” Short Film, CWB Centre Wallonie Bruxelles – Paris, France

2021 “SINEQUANON” – Installation, Images Gibellina International Open Air & site-specific festival – Gibellina, Sicily

2021 “En ce moment” Short Film, Pink Screens, Cinema Nova -Brussels, Belgium

2021 “En ce moment” Short Film, Queer Lisboa – Lisbon, Portugal

2021 “En ce moment” Short Film, Iris Prize – Cardiff, UK

2021 “En ce moment” Short Film, QFF Mezipatra – Prague, Czech Republic

2021 “Cross-Soul Portraits”, Embassy of Spain in Belgium – Brussels, Belgium

2020 “En ce moment” Short Film, Abbecedario del Reale, Macma – Florence, Italy

2020 “En ce moment” Short Film, Filmmaker Festival – Milan, Italy

2020 “En ce moment” Short Film, Language is a Virus, Nuovo Cinema Aquila – Rome, Italy

2020 “En ce moment” Short Film, From Venice to Rome, Cinema Farnese – Rome, Italy

2020 “En ce moment” Short Film, Giornate degli autori 77th edition of the Venice International Film Festival – Venice, Italy

2020 “En ce moment” Short Film, Cortona on the Move – Cortona, Italy

2020 “Dans Mon Souvenir C’était Blanc”, Fondation Thalie – Bruxelles, Belgium

2019 “Dans Mon Souvenir C’était Blanc”, Cultuurcentrum Mechelen – Mechelen, Belgium

2019 “Dans Mon Souvenir C’était Blanc”, Festival diecixdieci – Gonzaga Photography Festival – Gonzaga, Italy

2019 “Dans Mon Souvenir C’était Blanc”, Sifest 0ff – Savignano sul Rubicone, Italy

2019 “Tapes You Watch When You Are Alone”, PhotoTWENS 2019 – Leuven, Belgium

2019 “SINEQUANON”, Recyclart – Bruxelles, Belgium

2019 “SINEQUANON”, Knust Festival – Bruxelles, Belgium

2018 “RICOSTRUZIONI Architettura, città e paesaggio nell’epoca delle distruzioni”, La Triennale di Milano – Milano, Italy

2018 “SINEQUANON”, ANCE – L’Aquila, Italy

2018 “SINEQUANON”, 29 Arts in Progress Gallery – Milan, Italy

2018 “Tapes You Watch When You Are Alone”, Bałtycka Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej – Ustka, Poland

2018 “SINEQUANON”, Cultuurcentrum Mechelen – Mechelen, Belgium

2018 “SINEQUANON”, Magazzini Fotografici – Naples, Italy

2017 “Come in cielo, così in terra”, FINI 2017 International Festival De La Imagen – Pachuca, Mexico

2017 “Più Culture – Migranti nel Municipio II”, Goethe Institut – Rome, Italy

2017 “Foo dëkk”, Centre of Jewish Culture – Rome, Italy

2016 “Enlightening Surfaces”, 291 Est Gallery – Rome, Italy

2016 “Foo dëkk”, MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art – Rome, Italy

2016 “Four Seasons”, Italian Cultural Institute – London, UK

2015 “DRD4-7R – Futuro anteriore”, Palazzo delle Esposizioni – Rome, Italy

2015 “LA GRANDE ALLUSIONE : 1974-2015”, MLAC Museum Laboratory of Contemporary Art -Rome, Italy